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Various Housings

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Different Types to Meet All Your Customers Needs

(Wi-Fi IP)
sd card based covert cameras   wifi ip and network covert cameras   2.4ghz and 5.8ghz wireless covert cameras   digitally encrypted wireless covert cameras
Just plug it in. It does not get any more simple than this. No buttons to press, no setting up necessary. All you have to do is take out the SD card at the end of the day and playback on your PC. That is it !!   Wi-Fi cameras transmit video & audio directly to your wireless router. The video is recorded or viewed & recorded on your PC or via web. No interference & secure.   These wireless cameras will transmit video signal to a nearby receiver (included) Then the receiver connects to any kind of recorder (VCR or DVR).   New generation wireless camera with digital signal. No interference and totally secure. Receiver connects to any kind of recorder (VCR or DVR).

Extensive Upgrade Options

high resolution, color, low lux, motion detection and more...

WiFi cameras are in high demand. Selling them is one thing but since everyone has a different network set-up, customer service can be a big headache. SCS Enterprises, not only manufacturer variety of covert wifi cameras, we'll support your customers 100% so you maintain your sale. We have experienced network specialists who can help your customers and we always answer calls.

So, all you need to do is sell, we'll take care of the rest!

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